Cinesite Set to Animate MGM’s CG ‘The Addams Family’

It’s official, has revealed the news that MGM has tapped Cinesite Studios to provide computer generated animation and digital visual effects for the feature film based on the The Addams Family, the macabre clan made famous by cartoonist Charles Addams.

Production is underway at our Vancouver studio with top talent being recruited to immediately begin working on the feature. During the course of the production it is expected that more than 200 artists, technicians and support staff will be employed to work on the film at the Vancouver studio. Line producer Barbara Zelinski will oversee for Cinesite Studios.

Commenting on the announcement Antony Hunt, group CEO said: “We couldn’t be more excited about our partnership with MGM and their trust in us as a leading animation studio to re-introduce The Addams Family to a brand-new generation. We’re looking forward to welcoming A‐class talent from across Canada and beyond to join our growing crew in Vancouver.”

If you would like to join our own family bringing the macbre clan to the big screen please visit our careers section for a list of vacancies.