Cinesite Artists Talk about Their Work on The Addams Family

It took two years for a 240-person crew to produce The Addams Family. A total of 1,173 shots were done across the 86-minute length of the film. To put into perspective what was involved to just create one character’s look, a total of 85,000 hairs were required to generate Cousin Itt. Guided by director Greg Tiernan, the team brought the new look of the beloved family to the screen researching all the way back to the original source material.

“My job was to come up with the overall look of the picture, to develop the shape language and the colour schemes of the other world that we venture into,” says art director Patricia Atchison. “The original characters were designed by an artist named Craig Kellman, who designed them from Chas Addams’ original artwork. It’s funny that a lot of people don’t recognize the characters and the character design, so to bring it back was a lot of fun.”

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