Roles & Opportunities for Up-and-coming Artists and Staff Members

Cinesite offers a range of initiatives and opportunities for aspiring artists and staff members, with and without academic backgrounds in our field. Extraordinary talent often comes from unexpected places and takes time to grow. That’s why we’ve built programs focused on growth and development rather than performance.



Runner Scheme

A staple in the industry, the runner scheme is a tried and tested way to get into the VFX and Animation industry. Runner is an entry position at a studio, mainly for new graduates who would like to gradually move into production, animation or visual effects positions. Runners are all-purpose helpers in a studio. They do a variety of jobs, from helping with events and conferences to delivering a variety of items and keeping the studio fully stocked. When no junior positions are available or candidates need more training to get to the level required for their desired position, becoming a runner is a great opportunity to start your career while learning how a studio works.

At Cinesite, each runner is assigned a mentor to ensure their professional development toward their goal position. Like for any position, each runner’s portfolio and resume is evaluated during the recruitment process to steer them in the right direction for their following training. Each then gets regular training sessions and a training plan to move up to the department and position that best suits their skills and interests, as well as the company’s needs and open roles.


Currently offered at Cinesite  LondonMontréal & Vancouver



LEAP  (Learning Experience Accelerator Program)

Designed to create broader access to the world of Feature Animation, the work-training initiative allows a small group of prospective artists from all walks of life to hone their skills while surrounded by industry veterans. During the six-month program – with full pay and benefits – participants are first enrolled in a twelve-week intensive training and onboarding process to develop their skills in a specific area of expertise and to familiarize themselves with Cinesite’s pipeline (its software and workflow). They then get to apply those learnings to ongoing upcoming projects for the remainder of their contract. LEAP is an opportunity for artists with atypical backgrounds and young talents to broaden their knowledge while immersing themselves in a high-scale production and life at the studio.


Currently offered at Cinesite Montréal.


You’re currently enrolled in a university or college program and would like to gain some experience and develop your network before starting in the industry? We offer tailor-made internships for promising students who are eager to find their footing in vfx or animation before they graduate. Interns are closely mentored and get to learn in a low-pressure setting while being compensated for their time.

Currently offered at Cinesite Montréal.

Entry level & Junior roles

You have graduated from a specialized university or college program and are looking for a first role in the industry? Whether you’re interested in Feature Animation or Visual Effects, many of our departments hire candidates with very little experience for the following roles :

Tech Animation (FA role, first step in an Animation or CFX career path)

Render-Wrangler (Data management role, first step in an IT or Pipeline career path)

Crowd Animator (VFX role, first step in a VFX crowd or environment career path)

Roto-Painter (VFX role, preparing plates for the composting department)

Production Assistant / Production Coordinator (Supporting the production team with administrative tasks)

Junior Pipeline TD (Assisting the Pipeline TD to problem solve and add features)