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The Art of VFX: John Carter

The Art of VFX settles down with Sue Rowe, VFX Supervisor at Cinesite, to discuss work on John Carter. How was the collaboration with director Andrew Stanton?  It was a very open collaboration. I was onset with Andrew and his team in UK studios and in Utah and back at facility we would have daily […]

Animation World Network: John Carter

Go behind the scenes of Andrew Stanton’s first live-action feature and long-awaited Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation. Before Star Wars and Avatar and all the rest was Edgar Rice Burroughs’ influential Under the Moons of Mars, which later became the more familiar novel, A Princess of Mars, followed by 10 more in the « Barsoom » series. Pixar’s […]

The Daily: Mission to Mars

An epic journey to the Red Planet, 100 years in the making. It might seem odd to picture a mile-long city crawling along the surface of Mars, if not for the 12-foot tall barbarians, fantastic environments and exotic creatures also featured in Andrew Stanton’s « John Carter. » The new Disney/Pixar film tells the story of a […]