Cinesite wins the BAFTA TV award for it's VFX on the third season of The Witcher

Cinesite Wins BAFTA for The Witcher Third Season Visual Effects

Cinesite is extremely proud to have won the BAFTA in Special, Visual and Graphic Effects for its work on The Witcher S3 at the 2024 British Academy Television Craft Awards.

At yesterday’s awards ceremony in London, Cinesite’s General Manager Jocelin Capper accepted the award along-side Cinesite VFX Supervisor Richard Reed, Special Effects Supervisor Caimin Bourne, Visual effects Producer David Stephens & Colourist Jet Omoshebi. David who gave a speech on behalf of VFX Supervisor Tim Crosbie (who was unable to attend) thanked Cinesite along with the rest of the vendors and many of the series HODs.

This is fantastic news for everyone at Cinesite who worked so hard across the entire third series,” Cinesite’s London GM Joce Capper remarks. “The complex environments and challenging creatures created by our team are representative of the world-class visual effects being created right now in London. Cinesite has a long-standing, trusted relationship with Netflix and we’re thrilled to have won the BAFTA for a second time for our work on this beloved series.”

CG Supervisor Samir Ansari adds ” This win was a direct result of many hours of hard work and dedication by a team of over 130 incredibly talented artists and production crew at Cinesite. The current VFX market has unfortunately pushed many of these highly skilled people out of work through no fault of their own so while it is an incredibly proud moment for all of us our celebrations are of course dampened by this fact. Here’s to a brighter tomorrow for all working in this industry and a sincere thank you to everyone who worked with me on this one.

The third season of The Witcher opens with Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri on the run from monarchs, mages and beasts of the Continent, all competing to capture Ciri. Having created the terrifying Basilisks, Chernobog, Kikimora and Striga for previous seasons and received a BAFTA for our work on the second season, the challenge was laid for us to create weirder and more horrifying creatures than audiences have seen before. Cinesite VFX Supervisor Richard Reed and CG Supervisor Samir Ansari share fascinating insights into Cinesite’s work on the third season; The Flesh Monster, Aeschna, Ring of Fire and Aretuza Destruction here.

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