CREATIVE BLOQ: Honouring’ the practical stunts of the 80’s show The Fall Guy

Cinesite Cinesite’s VFX Supervisor, Jennifer Meire, spoke to Creative Bloq about how our crew brought 80’s action hero Colt Seavers back in The Fall Guy honoring the original show’s practical effects! 

In the original show Lee Majors starred as Colt Seavers, a stuntman who found time between being ‘blown up for Raquel Welch’ and making ‘Redford such a star’ to solve crimes and catch criminals. It was a show built around the celebration of practical stunts and the magic of making movies.

The team wanted to honour the pitch of the ’80s show. “The original TV series of The Fall Guy from the 1980s was known for its practical stunts, so our goal was to help honour that legacy,” she says. “The clue to the role of VFX is really in the title of the film – we always knew that the focus would be on the stunts. We worked closely with the production team in order to blend the practical and digital effects and what we created was always invisible. Our digital support was primarily there to enhance the action, rather than the atmosphere.”

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