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The Art of VFX: Iron Man 3

Simon Stanley-Clamp explained the Cinesite’s work on PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES on his last visit to The Art of VFX. He then worked on JOHN CARTER and today he explains his work on IRON MAN 3. How did Cinesite get involved on this show? We were approached by Production and asked to […]

FXguide: Iron Man 3

“The way that visual effects are these days is that we definitely are the can-do department,” – Chris Townsend. Comments the overall VFX supe on Marvel’s Iron Man 3, reflecting on the crucial role his department played in bringing the film to the big screen. Along with visual effects producer Mark Soper, Townsend co-ordinated 17 […]

CG Society: Iron Man 3

This was the first foray into the Marvel universe for Cinesite. I spoke to the studio’s VFX Supervisor Simon Stanley-Clamp in London. Cinesite came in nine weeks before completion and finished off 104 shots, with 99 shots making the final movie cut, and two which were awarded on the final day of delivery. “This was […]