Press Release: Introducing Stef Mesman, Our 2014 Inspire Winner

Cinesite has announced that Stef Mesman, a third-year Interactive media and Visual effects student from the Dutch Film Academy, is the winner of their 2014 Inspire Internship. Stef will be working with the Cinesite team on upcoming zombie film, Maggie.

His passion for VFX started four years ago when he began creating and editing montages as a hobby. As this passion grew, Stef decided that he wanted to pursue a career in visual effects and enrolled at university. His showreel and skill in compositing impressed the judges and made him stand out from the crowd.

Dan Pettipher, Cinesite’s Facility Production Manager, says, ‘Stef has a great show reel that showcases a wide variety of compositing, which stood out in the field. He also displayed a very good eye for visual effects.’

COPY_IMAGE_Inspire_logoPrevious winners of Cinesite’s Inspire internship have worked on productions including Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, John Carter and Skyfall and are now established visual effects professionals working all over the world. Cinesite, which recently completed visual effects for Hercules, Edge of Tomorrow and X-Men: Days of Future Past, is currently working on Maggie, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and San Andreas.

“To work at Cinesite is a fantastic opportunity to be tutored by some of the best artists in the field.” says Stef,  “My goal is to become a successful and well-acclaimed visual effects artist and being awarded Cinesite’s Inspire internship has made achieving my dream even more possible.”

This is the fifth year that Cinesite has run Inspire. Since starting the Inspire programme Cinesite’s relationships with educational facilities throughout the world has grown immensely, providing vital support to the young, growing talent in the industry by giving advice and support to students and their tutors.