Press Release: Cinesite Transforms Locations For Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Visual effects house Cinesite completed the visual effects for Paramount’s latest release, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. The film is the latest, eagerly-anticipated instalment in the highly successful Jack Ryan franchise, which has to date generated a world-wide gross of $788m.

The film follows former Marine Ryan (Chris Pine), who while working as a financial analyst discovers a terrorist plot to devalue American currency.  The plot is masterminded by Russian oligarch Viktor Cherevin, played by Kenneth Branagh, who also directs.

Cinesite were involved in planning the visual effects at the pre-production stage, with Matt Johnson as VFX Supervisor.  Filming took place in Liverpool, London, Moscow and New York.

One of the key locations is Cherevin’s Moscow office; a stylish, minimalist space, lined with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, shiny marble tiled floors and chrome, polished surfaces.  Filmed on a set at Pinewood Studios against green screen, one of the greatest challenges was to create realistic reflections throughout the space.

Environment Supervisor Thomas Dyg said, “The outside environment was created using location photography of Moscow, wrapped around geometry to give realistic parallax.  When bringing the rCOPY_IMAGE_jack_ryaneflections into the room, we added details like tile distortions on the floor to give a real, non-uniform look.  The shiny surfaces were in some respects a challenge, but we made them work to our advantage.  By integrating the exterior with the interior we effectively brought Moscow into the room, which I think works very well.”

In another sequence, Cinesite turned a small airport outside of London into Teterboro, New Jersey.  A computer generated helicopter was added to some shots, along with a Boeing 737, which was created using photogrammetry.

One New York shot included a background view of the New World Trade Center, which at time of filming was only partially complete.  In order to make the film less datable, Cinesite completed its build digitally, using reference plans and architectural concept work provided by the production.

Antony Hunt, Managing Director of Cinesite said, “This was a varied production for Cinesite, encompassing a diverse range of shots. It has been a privilege to be involved in such a successful series of films and to work with Paramount Studios, who have again placed their trust in the high standard of our work.”