International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate the achievements of all women, as well as gender minorities such as non-binary, trans and two-spirit people, in our teams.

This year’s theme, “Embrace Equity” is about the necessity of understanding the difference between equity and equality to make progress to ensure everyone has fair access to opportunities, recognition, and support.

Cinesite is committed to embracing equity and treating every applicant and employee fairly, regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, religion or age. We can always do more, and because we want to make equity one of our organizational foundations, we work every day on improvements to make it happen. Here are some of the things we offer currently:

– Flexible hours to allow parents time to drop off/pick up children from school
– Flexible working during pregnancy, to avoid rush hours, or working remotely where possible
– Comprehensive and generous maternity policies in all divisions

We are continuing to work towards total gender equality at Cinesite. There is always more that we can do and we continue to reflect on where we can improve.

We’ve collated below some press articles, blogs and stories below which give voice to the fantastic women in our London, Montreal and Vancouver studios.

“Over the years, I have been the only woman in a meeting on more occasions than not. Whilst this shouldn’t matter – it does; you have to find your voice and confidence while trying to fit in and not stand out too much simultaneously!” Joce Capper, Cinesite London General Manager

Senior Matchmove & Roto artist Rebecca Holdstock spoke with the VFX Artists podcast about the challenges of balancing motherhood with working full-time in VFX.

“Until our industry sees diversity in the type of women and other gender minorities who are being represented, we all have a lot of work to do.” Sara Martin, Cinesite’s Group EDI Specialist, spoke with Women in Business magazine in their article, “Diversity in Animation.”

“Power to me is not the ability to influence and control actions but rather the ability to make a positive impact on the lives of others. It is the ability to shape your own destiny and bring positive changes in the world.” Jennifer Meire, VFX Supervisor

Madeleine Scott-Spencer, Cinesite’s brilliant Head of Assets and Visual Development, was interviewed by Ian Failes for befores & afters in February 2023. Find out more about the importance of shape language, silhouettes, and the meaning of “nurnies”!