Press: Inside Cinesite with new London Head of VFX Caroline Garrett

Caroline Garrett, Head of VFX in London speaks to Ian Failes about our studio’s inner workings in this exclusive VFX Voice profile. Here’s an extract from Ian’s article…

Garrett has been working in visual effects since 1998, when she started as a junior artist at the Magic Camera Company in Shepperton Film Studios. She later co-founded her own previs studio before coming to Cinesite as CG Manager in producer and executive producer roles, then as Head of Production and now Head of VFX.

This new position essentially sees Garrett running the London office, while also working with Cinesite’s other locations. For that reason, Garrett has an eager eye on the state of the wider effects space.

“VFX has truly become a global industry now and London remains an intrinsic part of that, with many of the best creative talent still drawn to this city,” she says. “Almost every production now has VFX in it, whether invisible like The Revenant or front and center like our work on Avengers: Infinity War.”

The VFX industry has also matured, becoming an integral part of the production process rather than the weird new kid that insists on painting everything green,” adds Garrett. “Also, the increased access to film and series through the on-demand services only helps to drive the need for more content, and as a result we’re seeing tremendous growth in the VFX market across the globe.”

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