ANIMATION MASTERCLASS: 21 April 2023, Michal Makarewicz

Cinesite recently hosted a masterclass by Michal Makarewicz, a renowned animator and director at our studio  in Montreal on April 21st. This event strengthened  Cinesite’s commitment to equipping its artists with top-quality training resources, enabling them to excel in their field. By organising such an opportunity, Cinesite reinforced its dedication to empowering its artists with the tools and resources they need to succeed in their craft.

Michal is a well-known Pixar veteran with over 20 years of experience in the animation industry. Throughout his career at Pixar, he held several roles giving him a fascinating  perspective on the animation process.His impressive career has earned him several awards and nominations including two Annie Awards from ASIFA for “Best Animation in a Feature Production” for Soul and Ratatouille, and a VES nomination for his animation work on Helen in Incredibles 2. He also received a Feature Animation nomination for the 2020 Reuben Award for his work on Soul.

Michal’s passion for education led him to co-found The Animation Collaborative (AnimC), which provides high-end education in the animation field, focusing on Animation, Character Design, and Story.

During the masterclass , Michal delivered a series of lectures to our animation teams, focusing on various topics such as acting, performance, theory, specificity, and timing. He also spoke about the creative process and shared insights from his personal journey, career path, experience, interdepartmental collaboration, and working with production.

The masterclass  was a great opportunity for animation enthusiasts to learn from an experienced and talented professional like Michal. His dedication to education and passion for the art of animation has made him an industry icon and an inspiration to many aspiring animators.

This masterclass is one of the many creative and technical training activities offered to our teams at Cinesite, in order to support their growth and development from one project to another.