Cinesite will be presenting at FMX 2021

Cinesite, and our partner company Trixter, will both be presenting at this year’s FMX festival.  Having been cancelled last year due to the pandemic, this year’s online line-up is very strong, so it’s definitely worth a view.

The Bourne Stuntacular: Immersive stage environments
Universal Studios’ The Bourne Stuntacular is an interactive stunt stage show which blurs the line between digital and reality with a cutting-edge fusion of stage-craft and film. Cinesite’s work on the show was awarded a Visual Effects Society award at the 19th annual awards.
Cinesite VFX Supervisor Salvador Zalvidea will discuss the challenges involved in creating immersive, photorealistic environments for a giant 130ft LED screen, which forms the backdrop to the stunts and interacts seamlessly with moving set pieces.
Thursday 6th May, 20:15-21:00 (BST), followed by a live Q&A

Mila the production process of the powerful short

“If MILA could change even one decisionmaker’s mind about going to war, then all our efforts will have been worth it.”MILA is the result of one unique, worldwide online collaboration of 350 volunteers from over 35 countries and scores of volunteers and sponsors; PepperMax Films, Pixel Cartoon, Ibiscus, Cinesite & Aniventure. At FMX director Cinzia Angelini, along with Tara Kemes GM at Cinesite Vancouver, will discuss the incredible production process of the powerful short.

Thursday, May 06, ROOM T, 8:30 PM

Hopping for the Best: Die Känguru Chroniken
A look behind the scenes at how TRIXTER brought the Kangaroo to life. From introducing the idea of using motion-capture, to learning from early tests and creating a proper motion capture pipeline, we’ll also cover all aspects of kangaroofication and keyframing facial animation based on FACS shapes for final shots.
Thursday 6th May, 10:30-11:15 (BST), followed by a live Q&A

Making of Jim Button and the Wild 13: From small dragon to big hero!, talk by Chris Nickel
How TRIXTER brings Nepomuk to life or Jim Button and the Wild 13. Learn about the challenges and techniques TRIXTER VFX artists employ to create to make this fantastic creature, tell his stories, and look great on the big screen.
Thursday 6th May, 17:15-18:45 (BST)