ANIMATION MAG: 5 Nov 2021, Cinesite at 30 – Celebrating Three Decades of Iconic Images

As Cinesite celebrates its 30th anniversary, our Chief Creative Officer, Dave Rosenbaum, sat down with Animation Magazine to discuss the studio’s remarkable achievements, our newest animated ventures such as HitPig and Blazing Samurai, setting the bar high and staying ahead of the curve as a studio!


Even if you are a casual observer of the animation and VFX landscape, chances are you have admired the work of Cinesite over the past three decades. The studio, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, has been responsible for creating some of the most iconic images in the world of film, TV and gaming — in Space Jam, Band of Brothers, World War Z and the Marvel, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, X-Men and James Bond franchises, to name a few.

“Cinesite’s 30th is a remarkable achievement for an independent studio,” says CCO Dave Rosenbaum. “We want to showcase the landmark moments and inspirational people who got us to where we are, to inspire the next generation of storytellers to push the boundaries of visual effects and animation. We’re standing on the shoulders of giants who contributed to some of the biggest blockbusters in history, not to mention all the awards those crews have been nominated for or won. Celebrating 30 years builds a camaraderie throughout the group with shared company pride and spreads externally attracting more top talent, bigger partnerships and bolder projects.”

When asked about Cinesite’s strongest assets, Rosenbaum responds, “People, people, people. Our artists, our crews, our executives all love what they do — and when you love what you do, you put everything into it, and your partners and audiences feel it. We don’t have ivory towers filled with mysterious suits. Everyone rolls up their sleeves and takes on multiple tasks because to be given the opportunity to share stories and art with the world, is a privilege. On our busiest days, about 1,500 people work within the Cinesite Group (which includes Image Engine and Trixter) with offices in Vancouver, Montreal, London, Berlin and Munich. And we’re still growing!”

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