Press: Cinesite transforms Dubrovnik into stylised 16th century Nottingham for Robin Hood

For the latest Lionsgate remake of the classic Robin Hood tale, Cinesite’s London team completed just under 300 shots.

Overall VFX Supervisor for Cinesite, Simon Stanley-Clamp, oversaw visual effects for the entire production with Aleksandar Pejic supervising the Cinesite crew.

In the inherently modern interpretation of Director Otto Bathurst’s version of the classic tale, the intention was not to focus on the historical accuracy of Nottingham architecturally. This meant that Cinesite’s main task was to create environments which display the town instead as a thriving, stylised metropolis, the political and religious capital of England.

The production was filmed primarily in Hungary (Budapest, Tura) and Croatia (Dubrovnik) in early 2017, with Cinesite Art Director Gürel Mehmet housed with the production team throughout pre-production, working closely with VFX Supervisor Simon. Simon’s work was crucial to look development and gave early insight to the team back at Cinesite regarding what needed to be built in CG.

The environments created by Cinesite are integral throughout the film, both in setting the scene for key story points, and as backdrops to the adrenaline-filled action sequences – some environments 2.5d, and others entirely CG.

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