PRESS: taking on the challenge of COVID-19

VFX Supervisor Ben White discusses the challenges of COVID-19 with VFX Voice 

In this story our VFX Supervisor Ben White discusses how he and the Cinesite team took on the challenge of responding to the coronavirus crisis and implement remote working.

In London, the studio was in the midst of delivering work on Black Widow as lockdown approached. Various final efforts on that delivery were coordinated remotely.

“Unsurprisingly,” shares Cinesite Visual Effects Supervisor Ben White, “tasks that required a very fine level of interaction such as animation, painting and sculpting were more challenging. In addition, editorial work with its need for frame accurate audio/video synchronization was harder than it would be if we were sitting in our digital cinema or at a workstation. Despite being in the midst of a global pandemic our comp team did an amazing job. Every week we’re improving and adapting to refine and strengthen our remote workflow.”

Read the interview in full here and learn about our remote setup.