BEING SEEN PANEL DISCUSSION: 1 March 2022, Directives for Authentic and Inclusive Content Creation

At Cinesite, we strive to build the world we want to see within our own studios and industry at large. We draw on the differences in who we are, what we’ve experienced, and how we think. Cinesite is taking  concrete action to promote inclusion, increase representation and create opportunity in our industry through projects, partnerships and commitments with community organisations that will positively impact individuals, as well as our studio, industry, and local communities.

On March 1st, 2022, Cinesite Montreal had the pleasure of welcoming the BSO (Black Screen Office) for a joint panel centered around the recently published BSO study called “Being Seen: Directives for Authentic and Inclusive Content Creation”. Panelists from the BSO, Cinesite and Walt Disney Animation Studios, including our own VFX Supervisors Ellen Poon and Adel Abada and Walt Disney Animation Studios VFX Supervisor Marlon West discussed the value of authentic representation in storytelling, and the impact of these choices on both child and adult audiences. 

Ellen Poon, Cinesite VFX Supervisor, noted that “a story (should be) genuinely of service to the audience (…). That means what we need to do is to bring in realistic, historical, and cultural experiences that are effective.” 

It was an honour to listen to our partners at the BSO discussing with industry veterans to share experiences and bring to light their strategies for real change in the industry. 

To read the Being Seen report: