Cinesite will be presenting at Annecy 2021

Annecy International Animation Film Festival (14-19 June), the world-famous animation event, is back. Presented as a hybrid physical and digital edition for 2021, the 60-year-old confab is as jam-packed with screenings and special guests as ever.

Cinesite is contributing festival once again this year, and we are thrilled to be partnering with Aniventure, the production company behind Riverdance: The Animated Adventure, and upcoming films Blazing Samurai & Hitpig. Here is our programme for the week:

Thursday 17th June: 8 Top Directors Reveal 5 New Blockbusters!

8 top directors reveal 5 new blockbusters in partnership with Aniventure. Conrad Vernon (Shrek), David Silverman (The Simpsons Movie), Eamonn Butler (Avengers: Endgame), Dave Rosenbaum (Minions), David Feiss (Cow & Chicken), Cinzia Angelini (Mila), Mark Koetsier (Big Hero 6) and Rob Minkoff (The Lion King) offer you exciting sneak peeks into their latest animation features: Addams Family 2, Extinct, Riverdance: The Animated Adventure, Hitpig & Blazing Samurai. Find out more here and register here

Friday 18th June: Through the Eye of The Animator

From the beginnings of computer animation to what is currently being done, this talk will explore how style in animation has evolved and what is really at the core of many CG animation styles. This talk features interviews with Glen Keane, John Kahrs, Eamonn Butler, David Silverman and many others in a discussion about some of the different CG animation styles.

Andrew Gordon also talks to Cinesite’s directors and leads about current projects and where they see their films going in terms of animation style. Concepts such as appeal, truth to materials and other concepts are explored.

Find out more here and register here