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A New Home in Vancouver

We’re happy to announce that Cinesite’s Vancouver feature animation division has moved! We recently settled into a bespoke-designed 25,000 square foot studio at 565 Great Northern Way, in the heart of the city’s creative hub.

This move represents a major step forward, with more space, better production facilities, and a fantastic working environment for our highly deserving team.

The open plan, light and spacious studios are all on one floor, encouraging collaboration and giving a strong sense of cohesion.  We have a really tight-knit team and the multiple communal areas mean we can enjoy spending time together.

The large kitchen with generous seating areas and central island are great for all, and especially for the coffee afficionados who meet everyday to brew a cup.  Right outside the kitchen is our private deck with loungers and picnic tables so the team can get some fresh air, eat lunch, or even have a team meeting. Our roof-deck has stunning mountain views across the city and it’s well-used for relaxation, barbecuing, socialising and even the occasional yoga class!  The building also includes a great gym, which many of the team use on a daily basis.

Infrastructure improvements include a new screening theatre, light controlled rooms and a new custom designed lighting suite, which have already had a positive impact on production and pipeline.

“I am so proud of the brilliant family of people we have at Cinesite,” enthuses General Manager Tara Kemes.  “Creative people need a creative space; when they are relaxed and happy they are inspired to do amazing things.  This move confirms our position as a cutting-edge, world-class animation studio and we are very excited about the future in our new home.”