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FXguide: Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

In order to demonstrate that the powers of the Tablet of Ahkmenrah are diminishing, it was shown to be corroding. Proof previs’d the look for these tablet shots, with Cinesite completing the finals. “The clients supplied an initial static concept which we used as a start point for the look of the green corroded surface,” says […]

FXguide: Russian Roulette – Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Jack Ryan – which follows a former Marine (Chris Pine) uncovering a plot to devalue American currency – features several Moscow and New York locations that could not always be filmed at their actual locations, the involvement of the film’s visual effects teams, led by principal vendor Cinesite was crucial. One such location was the […]

FXguide: What’s the Dish on Cinesite’s Beans?

When Cinesite wanted to promote their animation capabilities and add to the studio’s already impressive showreel, they decided to push forward on a short film. That project became Beans, a faux commercial directed by animator Alvise Avati and produced by animation director Eamonn Butler. We talk to both artists about the evolution of this moon-monster […]

FXguide: Iron Man 3

“The way that visual effects are these days is that we definitely are the can-do department,” – Chris Townsend. Comments the overall VFX supe on Marvel’s Iron Man 3, reflecting on the crucial role his department played in bringing the film to the big screen. Along with visual effects producer Mark Soper, Townsend co-ordinated 17 […]