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Animation World Network: John Carter

Go behind the scenes of Andrew Stanton’s first live-action feature and long-awaited Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation. Before Star Wars and Avatar and all the rest was Edgar Rice Burroughs’ influential Under the Moons of Mars, which later became the more familiar novel, A Princess of Mars, followed by 10 more in the “Barsoom” series. Pixar’s […]

Animation World Network: Marmaduke – A Hybrid Breed Apart

Fox’s big-screen adaptation of Marmaduke (based on the long-running comic strip) goes further in its hybrid animation approach than Beverly Hills Chihuahua or other canine movies. Cinesite in London was called on to place CG faces over live-action animals and Rhythm & Hues was tasked with creating fully-CG dogs and cats for some of the more […]