Production Design on the Addams Family Mansion Foyer


In our “Artist Insights” series we will explore one element of Cinesite’s work in detail. In this edition, Cinesite Vancouver’s Production Designer Patricia Atchison tells us about the design of the Addams Family mansion foyer: 

The foyer concept where young Gomez and Morticia discover their forever home was one of the earliest explorations into the look of the Addams Family mansion for the first feature.  In the beginning, we wanted to go with a very dilapidated look and really push the macabre sensibilities of the Addams Family.  As the development of the house progressed, we landed on a look we coined, “dilapidated elegance”.  The finishing of the architecture and elements in and outside the house were created to have a very old and worn look but also made apparent that the Addams take great care of their home, however dusty.  Holes in the floor and ceiling went away and other damaged details were dialed back.   The desaturated colour palette, coupled with darker, moodier lighting and use of atmosphere really brought this house to its final creepy, kooky, spooky and ooky look.

The online archives of Chas Addams original artwork is incredible.  We were so lucky to be able to reference so many of his original comics.  From the peeling wallpaper to the ornate furnishings, we referenced dozens of comics to do the look of the film justice for Chas.