Cinesite announced in September 2019 that Cinesite Vancouver is working with director Cinzia Angelini to bring her film Mila to life.

After the Trento bombing in Italy 1943, the CG animated short film is the story is of a little girl named Mila. It focuses on the collateral damage affecting the civilian population, and especially the children.

We have published two case studies about our work on this beautiful and moving short film, which you can read on our website.  In the first part, director Cinzia Angelini tells us the film’s origin story and unique production journey.  In the second part, members of Cinesite Vancouver’s team discuss the artistry behind the film.

To find out more about Cinzia and the film please visit
  • Release date: June 2021
  • Director: Cinzia Angelini
  • Writer: Cinzia Angelini