MAGGIE is a zombie film with heart.  It follows the relationship between father Wade (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and his daughter Maggie (Abigail Breslin), who has been infected with a zombie virus.  Wade stays by his daughter’s side throughout the inevitable course of her disease.

The film’s action takes place months after the virus occurred, with the epidemic contained and life carrying on as normal.  Most of Cinesite’s shots established the eerie and abandoned “dead world”.  The visual effects team destroyed houses, burned cars, tagged walls, killed every hint of life and reinvented locations by adding abandoned football fields, rusty water towers, empty flyovers, dusty debris on the road and a Kansas City skyline.  While some shots were entirely computer generated, most were created as traditional two and a half D digital matte paintings; Photoshop layers projected in Nuke onto cards, sky domes and basic geometry modeled with Maya and integrated by the compositors using additional elements from our SFX library.

Cinesite also enhanced the disease progression, replacing parts of Maggie’s face using the original make-up as a base and covering it with multiple layers of veins, bruises and scabs.

  • Release date: 08.05.2015 (US)
  • Studio: Lionsgate, Lotus Entertainment
  • Director: Henry Hobson


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Burning fields, decay and devastation
Zombie effects enhancement on Maggie