Into the Storm

INTO THE STORM follows the people of Silverton as they seek shelter and survival from an onslaught of devastating tornadoes.

Cinesite was involved in an exciting sequence where Silverton High School is destroyed during a graduation ceremony. The sky and the environments were replaced to replicate the beginnings of a storm. This was achieved using a combination of digital matte painting and existing footage to create a more overcast and stormy look. As the rain was filmed practically, the team re-graded the trees, sky and surroundings, using extensive rotoscoping to isolate foreground characters from the background.

As the storm intensifies, staff and students seek shelter inside the school. As they cower on the floor of a corridor, wreckage from the ceiling blows forcefully overhead. The CG debris and posters ripping from the walls and surging through the corridor were created by Cinesite, as well as environment extensions. Shadows were cast digitally onto the people from the CG detritus above. As the chaos and strength of the tornado develops, the entire top of the shot, including ceiling, corridor and lights, with sparking electricity effects, CG flying trees and a person being sucked up into the tornado’s path, were all added.

  • Release date: 08.08.2014
  • Studio: New Line Cinema
  • Director: Steven Quale
Into the Storm