From Horror Films to 3D Animation: The Unique Journey of Stéphanie Roy

Stéphanie Roy, a 3D Supervisor at Cinesite, has carved an inspiring career path from her passion for horror films to a leading role in 3D animation.

Growing up, Stéphanie aspired to be a horror film director, pursuing a DEC in cinematography and film production at Cégep Marie-Victorin. After realizing that many directors she admired began their careers in visual effects, she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Effects and Animation (BASA) at the University of Laval in Quebec City. After university, Stéphanie quickly secured a job at Vision Globale as a rigging artist, later transitioning to the visual effects division. This role built her technical foundation, and she soon joined Framestore to refine her rigging skills. Cinesite then approached her, and she has worked there for the past 10 years. Starting as a rigging artist at Cinesite, Stéphanie’s talent and dedication led her to become a lead rigging artist and eventually a 3D supervisor. Her leadership in this role has allowed her to oversee complex animation projects.

After many years at Cinesite, Stéphanie took a solo 6-month journey across five continents, gaining valuable personal experiences and improving her financial and time management skills. Upon returning, she adapted to industry changes by taking AI classes, which Cinesite financially supported. This allowed her to earn a certification from IBM. This new expertise in AI positions her at the forefront of animation, where AI enhances creativity and efficiency. She is now part of all the AI internal discussions at Cinesite.

Looking back, Stéphanie is amazed at how her career has unfolded. While she initially set out to create horror films, her path led her to a different kind of magic in the world of 3D animation. Today, she brings characters and stories to life for audiences of all ages, combining her artistic vision with advanced technical skills. 

Some of her recent projects include: Animal Farm (2025), Iwájú, Paws of Fury, Extinct, Fearless, and Riverdance: The Animated Adventure. Stéphanie Roy’s journey is an inspiration to aspiring animators and artists, highlighting the importance of following one’s passion and continually learning.

To learn more about her career path, watch her full interview here (available in French only):