Join us in Room 15 EAST Building of the Vancouver Convention Centre on Tuesday 9th August, where we’ll be hosting talks and networking events with presenters and teams from across the Cinesite group.  Whether you want to watch a talk or meet us, information about all of our sessions is below.

An Introduction to Gaffer

Presenters: John Haddon, Murray Stevenson
Gaffer is an open source node-based application for look development, lighting and pipeline automation. It is used within the Cinesite Group for both Visual Effects and Feature Animation, and has a growing user base in other studios. Join us for a brief introduction to Gaffer, its history and capabilities, to see how it could be a good fit for your studio too.
20 minute presentation followed by Q&A

Addams Family 2: A trial by fire lesson on adaptation

Presenters: Lee-Ann McFadyen, Ryan Bowers, Kenny Chang, Grace Verhagen
Join Cinesite’s Vancouver team as they talk about the challenge of creating a full-length animated feature which builds upon the first film in every way.   The Addams sequel is a road trip movie featuring multiple stunning locations, all of which were created using a new pipeline.
30 minute presentation followed by Q&A

Creature Ideation & Realisation for the World of Witcher Season 2

Presenter: Madeleine Scott-Spencer 
In this pre-recorded session, Madeleine Spencer presents key elements from the Cinesite pipeline in the realisation of two creatures from the Witcher Season 2, The Basilisk and the Chernobog.
Considered design is the cornerstone of every iconic creature.  Each aspect of the pipeline, from start to finish, should be guided by a consistent notion of shape language, colour palette, and anatomy, whilst remaining adaptable to the inherent changes between concept and final on-screen beast.   Focusing on informative case studies from Cinesite’s concept driven asset pipeline, in this presentation Madeleine will break down how the artists at Cinesite make this happen.

Production Spotlight: The North Water – Bringing the Arctic to Life

Presenter: Gee Tatchell
Embark on a journey with Cinesite CG supervisor Gee Tatchell as she talks about how her team brought the Arctic to life on the episodic series with the use of drones and on set photography, integrated with green screen footage captured on location in the Arctic.
20 minute presentation followed by Q&A

Meet our recruiters and review your reel

Cinesite Vancouver and Image Engine’s recruitment teams, alongside Supervisors from both studios, will be on hand to meet with those interested in applying.  Come along to have your reel reviewed and receive invaluable advice in an informal, networking session.

Meet our world-wide technical and pipeline team

The Cinesite group, with studios in London, Montreal and Vancouver, encompasses Image Engine, Trixter and L’Atelier Animation.  Team members from across the group who are attending Siggraph will be available to meet in an informal, networking session.