Celebrating Our 30 Year Legacy

For 30 years we’ve been bringing to life iconic characters and setting the scene for stories which have captivated audiences.  We’ve come a long way since completing the restoration of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in the early 1990s and we’ve changed beyond all recognition.  What’s stayed the same is our passion for film-making and story-telling.

Over the coming weeks we will be placing content, articles and stories about Cinesite’s past, present and future on this page.  We’re also sharing a timeline which shows our landmark moments so we can look back on our journey as we look to our future.

None of this would have been possible without the support of so many wonderful people along the way.  Cheers and thank you!

30 Year Timeline

As part of our anniversary celebrations, Cinesite is releasing a series of Anniversary Anecdotes over a few weeks, starting February 2022.  We’ll be asking friends about key moments in Cinesite’s history, predictions for our future and much more.

In celebration of our 30th year The Hollywood Reporter Carolyn Giardina caught up with Cinesite’s CEO Antony Hunt, our Chief Creative Officer Dave Rosenbaum and VFX Supervisor Simon Stanley-Clamp about our digital journey: From ‘Snow White’ to James Bond and how we’ve grown to into a VFX & animation powerhouse

Ian Failes takes a look back at our VFX history, from the Cineon system to first-hand memories of working at our studio. Thanks, Ian for a great trip down memory lane!

Our Chief Creative Officer, Dave Rosenbaum, sat down with Animation Magazine to discuss the studio’s remarkable achievements, our newest animated ventures such as HitPig and Blazing Samurai, setting the bar high and staying ahead of the curve as a studio!

In a brand new episode of the VFX Futures podcast from beforesandafters, our technology leaders Michele Sciolette, Hank Driskill & Holger Voss break down the major tech achievements and challenges facing Cinesite right now in VFX and animation.

Cinesite’s Chief Business & Development Officer, Drew Jones, sat down with Ian Failes, from befores and afters, to candidly discuss the new wave of globalization.

Ian Failes highlights the training program designed to give applicants a guided entry into a role as Junior Artist in our Feature Animation division and details the fairness, diversity and inclusion initiatives at the studio.

Listen to this great episode of the VFX Futures podcast from beforesandafters, with our Head of Assets and Visual Development Madeleine Scott-Spencer, where she discusses the changing nature of the art department at a VFX studio, including the move to virtual production.