Salvador Zalvidea


Salvador Zalvidea, Visual Effects Supervisor

Since joining Cinesite’s London team in 2016, Salvador has made an impact by overseeing a range of productions, from Universal Studios’ technically groundbreaking Bourne Stuntacular stage show, to the landmark 25th film in the Bond franchise, No Time To Die. He is currently overseeing the extensive visual effects for Amazon Studios’ The Wheel of Time TV series.

As VFX Supervisor, Salvador’s expertise is critical from the earliest stages of production. He creates pitches for clients, advising them on varying effects options and approaches, solving creative and technical challenges alongside his team, and also spending time on set to help facilitate the creation of the VFX.

Salvador credits his wide-ranging experience for preparing him for the role of VFX supervisor. As the founder of French company Monsieur le Loup, he spent 10 years overseeing all aspects of post-production, including editing, directing, filming, and sound, gaining an in-depth knowledge of the entire process. Later, as 2D Supervisor at Prime Focus, he worked on memorable effects from such films as Total Recall in 2012 and Kingsman: The Secret Service in 2014.  Having joined Cinesite, he delivered visual effects for the Duncan Jones Netflix film Mute. Later the same year he also completed independent thriller, Adrift.

His fascination with visual effects began at a young age, but he remains ever motivated today to elevate the form and help pioneer the next stunning VFX innovation.
“What drives me is watching films. When I first saw movies with visual effects, I thought, ‘How the hell did they do that?’ It led me to try to understand and recreate the same kind of visuals,” he recalls. “Now I push the envelope.”

There's a lot of experience at Cinesite working on great movies, but it remains a very human company. - Salvador

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