George Zwier


George Zwier, Visual Effects Supervisor

Award-winning VFX supervisor George has two decades of compositing, visualisation and supervision experience, enabling him to advise clients at every stage of production and the storytelling process.

He is currently supervising action-packed, sci-fi road trip adventure The Last Bus, having previously been visual effects supervisor for Peerless on Angel Has Fallen, the third instalment in the Has Fallen action film series.

“I’ve had the privilege of honing my craft on some fantastic films alongside  brilliant filmmakers, on both blockbusters and smaller, independent productions,” George asserts.,“from full-on action sequences and virtual production to period dramas.”  He has collaborated with directors including Shane Black, Joel Silver, Rob Cohen, Michael Apted and Mike Leigh.

George began his career as a compositor and compositing sequence supervisor, with credits including the Dark Knight series, The Hobbit, I, Robot, Children of Men, Captain America: The First Avenger and Pacific Rim. He was the recipient of the 2010 Visual Effects Society’s accolade of Best Compositing for his work on the visually spectacular Inception. That same year he oversaw the extensive yet invisible effects on The Nice Guys, recreating 1970s LA from footage filmed in modern day Atlanta.

In 2014 George oversaw the biopic Mr. Turner for Mike Leigh. “An iconic moment for me was recreating Turner’s painting of The Fighting Temeraire, working closely with cinematographer Dick Pope on capturing the essence of the artist’s mood of inspiration.”  George subsequently worked with Leigh again on the British historical drama Peterloo.

More recently, George contributed Post Visualisation on Artemis Fowl and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, providing the filmmakers with a post-production blueprint for their wider VFX teams and a comprehensive look at the film ahead of screenings.

In his spare time, George writes screenplays, his work placing highly at numerous film festivals.  

"It is sometimes the simplest, not the most difficult solution, that’s required. The ability to think outside the box is a vital skill in visual effects supervision." - George

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