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Televisual: Gone to the Dogs

Following its CG work on Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Underdog, Cinesite is back making dogs talk for Marmaduke, completing 650 VFX shots giving 10 live-action dogs the power of speech. Cinesite’s tried and tested approach to making a live action dog talk requires the seamless blending of a CG face on top of the dog’s real […]

Animation World Network: Marmaduke – A Hybrid Breed Apart

Fox’s big-screen adaptation of Marmaduke (based on the long-running comic strip) goes further in its hybrid animation approach than Beverly Hills Chihuahua or other canine movies. Cinesite in London was called on to place CG faces over live-action animals and Rhythm & Hues was tasked with creating fully-CG dogs and cats for some of the more […]

Computer Graphics World: Dirty Sets, Nasty Weapons

As Dastan and Tamina journey through sixth-century Persia on their mission to save the Sands of Time, they travel through two cities, which house several action sequences. Sets built on location in the Atlas Mountains gave the actors walls and rooftops to climb and jump from, and gave the postproduction team lighting reference, but these partially […]