Ben White


Ben White, Visual Effects Supervisor

Ben joined Cinesite in 2019, bringing with him a pragmatism which is central to his success as a leading visual effects supervisor. He asserts, “To be a good visual effects supervisor, you need a bit of a split personality. You need to be very creative, but technical at the same time. You need to set aspirational standards but be practical about how to get things done. You need to keep the bigger picture in mind, but pay close attention to the details. It’s a careful balance.” Ben recently supervised Cinesite’s work on the forthcoming Marvel production Black Widow.

After graduating from Camberwell College of Art in the early days of the internet, Ben’s emerging passion for visual effects was largely fed by him buying his own computer and teaching himself. This led to him working for pioneering software company Softimage Inc. in the mid 90s before finding his first position on the production floor.

Having honed his skills in commercials at The Mill, he joined Mill Film and the Oscar-winning team on Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, notably helping create the prodigious 360 degree Coliseum shot. Since then he progressed from CG Generalist to VFX Supervisor while working on projects at Framestore and MPC including Guardians of The Galaxy, Avatar, Man of Steel, Where The Wild Things Are and several Harry Potter movies. He was CG supervisor for the team responsible for creating the scarred, schizophrenic character Two Face in The Dark Knight.

Ben enjoys all types of VFX but has a special passion for creatures and characters. Recent work includes the Bad Wolf/Sky Productions series A Discovery of Witches and psychological horror Wounds. In 2018 he delivered extensive creature work for the independent horror movie The Ritual. He has also completed work on Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur. Ben has won 2 Visual Effects Society awards and a B.I.F.A.

At the end of every production you want to feel you've done your best work and next time, it will be even better. You've got to have that drive to continuously improve, to push the limits of what's possible. - Ben

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