Aleksandar Pejic


Aleksandar Pejic, Visual Effects Supervisor

With 20 years in the visual effects industry under his belt, Aleksandar Pejic is one of Cinesite’s most passionate and active VFX Supervisors.

Aleks is currently overseeing both Space Jam: A New Legacy (Warner Bros.) and the forthcoming second season of popular Netflix series The Witcher, having previously supervised Cinesite’s extensive VFX for the first season. That significant body of work across all 8 episodes included horrifying monsters, epic battles and the fiery spectacular climax sequence.

Prior to The Witcher, Aleks supervised Robin Hood (Lionsgate), and the creation of multiple 2D and full 3D environments which set the scene for Otto Bathurst’s alternative vision of Nottingham. The climax of that film included an exciting chase sequence across the rooftops of a factory and neighbouring slag heaps, with photorealistic CG horses.

Aleks began his career as an architect, and using visualisation tools, quickly built an aptitude for all things 3D. He later applied these shared skills to visual effects, starting out as a CG Artist and soon progressing to supervising CG heavy sequences. Prior to joining Cinesite, Aleks’ visual effects credits include Inception, The Legend of Tarzan and The Dark Knight. He was also facility VFX supervisor for major productions Total Recall, White House Down and Hercules.

From skydiving to scuba diving, and sailing, Aleks’ interests outside of VFX lean towards adventurous sports immersed in nature. In between these adrenaline-fueled exploits and fatherhood, he continues to flex his creative muscles by playing music. He has classical training in the double-bass.

My colleagues’ incredible creativity inspires me. I consider my work my passion. - Aleks

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